Spirit Drink

BELGIAN OWL identité

This indispensable drink is the result of the way we use our know-how to introduce the distillate to the oak wood.

Spirit Drink


Two legends come together, “The Yellow M” and Belgian Owl offer you an unusual adventure. Discover this 4-year old edition and be thrilled by both of them.


Our Visit

A know-how that is worth sharing


Reserve your share in Eternity

Our logo, the owl, reflects our philosophy. In Ancient Greece it represented knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge, to make our whisky, wisdom for drinking it.

Eternity starts in 2016

Reserve your share in eternity with this 8-year or 10-year old

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Take over the distillery

Create your event at the distillery

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Hello Poirot

A version a long way from the great classic Gimlet, to be served with ice

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