Etienne Bouillon, Pierre Roberti and Christian Polis.

Developing a project such as ours is the result of the synergy between those who create the project and those who love our product. It is an adventure on a human scale made even better because it is based on wonderful friendship and expresses itself with passion. We share this passion with everyone who has encouraged us to continue moving forward, by drinking and appreciating our Belgian Owl. We would like to thank you all for your encouragement up to now and we promise that we will take you even further in our extraordinary adventure!

There are three of us at The Owl Distillery: Etienne Bouillon, the whisky maker, Christian Polis, the financial expert, and Pierre Roberti, the farmer.

Etienne Bouillon, passionate about the distillation process, is the creator of the Belgian Owl project. A distiller since 1993, he has succeeded in combining the know-how of 4 generations in the magical world of alcoholic drinks. His knowledge of traditional fermentation techniques and his mastery of the art of distillation, are of a level of skill comparable with the greatest distillery companies in Europe and throughout the world for the creation of an excellent quality malt whisky. An ambassador of the “Bruichladdich Academy” as a student of Jim McEwan of the Bruichladdich distillery, Etienne Bouillon has been able to match his passion for his job by making his unusual dream come true. Meeting Christian and Pierre helped him in making this dream become a fantastic reality.

Christian Polis, a business investor, has provided his knowledge in management, necessary for this entrepreneurial project. Besides his friendship with Etienne and Pierre, he immediately fell in love with the project. His financial skills and his commitment have provided the financial structure required for the development inherent to the project. Christian Polis takes the risk that is not covered by the usual financial circles, who are often overcautious given the long period between funding and the actual sale of a malt whisky.

Pierre Roberti, from the world of agriculture, a seasoned farmer in high-rate production techniques linked to the soil, as well as his knowledge of the origin and evolution of plants, is an expert in growing barley. He is the 7th generation farmer at the Ferme de Goreux in Hesbaye, and he uses his know-how, and that of this family, for the creation of Belgian Owl. The Owl Distillery therefore provides diversification helping to develop our local agricultural industry, and it is Pierre along with our partner farmers who sets the price of the barley we buy... we are on the right track to fair trade!

Meusinvest has joined the shareholders to support us in our recent undertakings in development and investment.