Barley and water

The combination of barley and water

In order to create a malt whisky, there are two ingredients used to create the product: barley and water.


Our objective is to diversify and develop the agricultural industry of our region: Hesbaye. It extends over the various provinces of Liège, Limbourg, Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant and Namur. This region sits on rock that is mainly chalk, covered by a sizeable layer of arable soil, an aeolian silt of a glacial origin. The richness of this soil plays a part in the quality of Belgian Owl.

The Owl Distillery decided to set up a fair trade business respectful of the local farmers, who grow two-row spring barley following strict specifications. Barley is a straw cereal, its special feature is its ears with long beards.


The second ingredient is water. We draw our water from the Hesbaye water table which is located beneath the distillery.

The Hesbaye region is divided into two, the wet Hesbaye to the west, and the dry Hesbaye to the east.

The dry Hesbaye owes its name to the scarcity of its water courses, due to its chalky subsoil. Under this there is a layer of clay that is impermeable to water, which has created an excellent quality water table.

Because of the purity of its water, this area is protected by both the Wallonia Region and by the European Union.

We are proud to supply a locally-sourced whisky that enables you to discover the typical aromas and scents of our region.