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Cask share - Eternity 2016

Reserve your share because there will not be enough for everyone.   How does it work?   You choose a share from a cask. ...

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The 200 Private Angels !

The 200 Private Angels is the first cask limited edition of Belgian Owl.   The Owl Distillery is proud to offer its first cask...

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Hesbaye, a region in Belgium, extends over the various provinces of Liège, Limburg, Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant and Namur.


This region rests on mainly chalky rock, covered with a sizeable layer of arable soil, an Aeolian silt of glacial origins.


The western part of Hesbaye is known as the wet part, the eastern side is known as dry Hesbaye. This owes its name to the rarity of its water courses, due to its chalky subsoil. Under this there is a layer of clay that is impermeable to water which has created an excellent ground water layer.


Given the purity of its water, this area is protected by both the Wallonia Region and the European Union.