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Cask share - Eternity 2016

Reserve your share because there will not be enough for everyone.   How does it work?   You choose a share from a cask. ...

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The 200 Private Angels !

The 200 Private Angels is the first cask limited edition of Belgian Owl.   The Owl Distillery is proud to offer its first cask...

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The Goreux farmlands extend over the dry Hesbaye area. In order to take an active part in the protection of this excellent ground water layer, the Goreux farm supervises the specifications dictated by sustainable agriculture and adheres to the European agro-environmental standards.


Pierre Roberti, a farmer for over 30 years, as inherited the farming tradition from seven generations and uses his experience in growing the barley needed for The Belgian Owl.


The continuation of this has already been ensured by his son, Thibault, a graduate of La Reid agricultural school. He is the guarantor that this know-how will carry on.


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