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Cask share - Eternity 2016

Reserve your share because there will not be enough for everyone.   How does it work?   You choose a share from a cask. ...

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The 200 Private Angels !

The 200 Private Angels is the first cask limited edition of Belgian Owl.   The Owl Distillery is proud to offer its first cask...

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Barley (Hordeum vulgare) is a straw cereal, it is characterised by its long bearded ears. Amongst the cultivated varieties there are:





  • The winter barleys, frost-resistant to around -15 degrees; they can have flat ears with two rows of grains or cylindrical ears with six rows of grains. The varieties of 6-row winter barley are called escourgeon in French. They are sown at the end of September or beginning of October, needing to be well established before winter.


  • The spring barleys, sensitive to frost, and with a shorter growing cycle, are planted in February-March. The Owl Distillery uses this 2-row spring barley, called Sebastian, for distilling The Belgian Owl